I'm based in San Francisco but my work takes me around the world. Click on an airport to see when I'll be there: AMS : BER : CPH : FRA : IAD : LAX : MRY : PAO : SFO : STR : UCB : VIE : YVR : ZRH : all dates

: 2017 :

12Jul Wed SFO Webinar zoom.us/j/8396530232

13Jul Thu SFO Wine Tasting fb.com/events/1065861696880481/

18Jul Tue UCB Data Science Program

21Jul Fri SFO 1205.3 UA1188.21A 1343 LAX

24-25Jul Mon-Tue LAX Northrop Grumman (workshop, keynote)

25Jul Tue LAX 2125.7 UA1591.21A 2258 SFO

09Aug Wed PAO Percolata (board meeting)

21Aug Mon SFO TwitTV

24Aug Thu PAO August Capital Cookout

31Aug-04Sep Thu-Mon MRY www.renaissanceweekend.org

19Sep Tue IAD SE2 Insurance (keynote)

20-21Sep Wed-Thu AMS Data Expo Utrecht NL

24Sep Sun SFO 1735.I SK936.6H

25Sep Mon arr 1315.3 CPH 1455.3 LH829.3F 1625 FRA

26Sep Tue FRA Goettingen Akademie der Wissenschaften (speech)

04-05Oct Wed-Thu BER BMVg (Cyber and Information workshop)

09-10Oct Mon-Tue STR Bosch (Kolloquium, workshop)

11-15Oct Wed-Sun FRA Buchmesse

13-15Oct Fri-Sun FRA Nachtreffen

24Oct Tue CPH Singularity University (keynote)

26Oct Thu FRA Murmann Symposium "2032 - Live aus der Digitalen Zukunft" wissenstransfertag-mrn.de/programm-2017-2/

31Oct Tue VIE 0940 LX1575.2A 1105 ZRH 1310 LX40.4A 1720 LAX

30Dec Sat LAX 1915 LX41.4A

31Dec Sun arr 1510 ZRH 1705 LX1582.2A 1825 VIE

10-14Apr Tue-Sat YVR TED

I'm back in California. My book "Data for the People" is now out, in both English and German. Mobile: +1 (650) 906-5906. Email:

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